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View current and past performances on YouTube: RDR YouTube

The White Rabbit Cabaret:

  • Indy’s premier burlesque venue, and where we perform the most. Go here for the best live entertainment in the city, and make sure to check out Burlesque Bingo with their house troupe, Hasenpfeffer!

Meredith Rogers Photography :

  • Meredith is an amazing local photographer, and has done many of our photoshoots. Look her up for boudior, wedding, or any other kind of photography! She is a treasure and a gift, and we love her!

Kristan Weatherford Photography:

  • Kristan is another badass local photographer, who is nice enough to come to our shows and capture the moment for us! Contact her for all your photography needs! Also a treasure AND a gift.

Schwebach Photography:

  • Rachel Schwebach is our main photographer babe, you can see her at all our shows! She specializes in boudoir and shibari, but is available for anything you can think of.
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    Coming Up:
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  • About

    The Rocket Doll Revue is Indianapolis' one-of-a-kind burlesque troupe rolled into a sexy ball of bouffants, rhinestones and the occasional bucket of blood. Founded in 2010 after a night of tasteful debauchery at a traveling vaudeville show, the Rocket Doll Revue is a tight-knit group of smokin’ hot ladies! Showcasing a dynamic variety of show-stopping talent - from classic striptease to the avant garde - this troupe always provides a vibrant and unique experience.