rocket doll revue

Desiree DeCarlo

As fancy as she is filthy, Desiree De Carlo has made the stage her home, earning the tagline “Glamour Incarnate” and reigning as “Miss Nude Indiana”. Versatile and magnetic, DD is known for classic striptease with a modern edge. A cofounder of The Rocket Doll Revue, Desiree has been dazzling burlesque audiences since 2010.





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    The Rocket Doll Revue is Indianapolis' one-of-a-kind burlesque troupe rolled into a sexy ball of bouffants, rhinestones and the occasional bucket of blood. Founded in 2010 after a night of tasteful debauchery at a traveling vaudeville show, the Rocket Doll Revue is a tight-knit group of smokin’ hot ladies! Showcasing a dynamic variety of show-stopping talent - from classic striptease to the avant garde - this troupe always provides a vibrant and unique experience.