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Hey hepcats!

Just a little update on what we’ve been up to- we have a ton of shows coming up! Just Desserts in August, The Striptember Special in (obviously) September, a Halloween show in October at Indy’s Jukebox, and a show with Hairbanger’s Ball at The Vogue in December! Lots of Trivia inbetween, and a few other guest appearances.

We’ll also have tshirts for purchase by the next show, and we’re also working on a calendar for 2013.

Make sure you check out our facebook, and follow us on twitter! We love you!

What’s coming up for the Rocket Dolls?

We have a quickly filling schedule this summer! Don’t miss Trivia Nites at The Sinking Ship, every 1st & 3rd Thursday of EVERY month, and our next big production Just Desserts on Aug. 17th & 18th! It’s gonna be a sticky sweet affair, and we have the delectable Cherry Brown performing with us all the way from New Orleans!

Several of the Dolls are also guest starring with Tessa von Twinkle, Jeez Loueez, Siobhan Atomica, and Tila von Twirl at the White Rabbit Cabaret on July 7th for Improv-a-Tease. You never know what will go down with improvised stripteases, so don’t miss it!

Last but not least, we recently confirmed a FABULOUS guest appearance from Roxie Le Rouge from the Big Easy! She is AMAZING, and will be joining us and a few other guest performers (of the non-burlesque variety!) for The Striptember Special at The White Rabbit Cabaret. More details to come!

As always, please check the calendar for more details on all our shows, and don’t forget to check out our facebook for more frequent updates!

We have a new website!

Isn’t this fabulous?! Take a look around, check out our Doll pages to learn a little more about your favorite burlesque ladies, and make sure you peek at our Calendar page to see what shows we have coming up! You’ll notice our Merch page says coming soon- we’ll get some fancy things in there for you eventually, don’t fret!

Thanks to all our friends and fans for your constant support and attendance at our shows, without you this website wouldn’t have been possible!

And thanks to Chris at for putting this amazing website together! Please check him out if you are in need of some wonderful web design!


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